How a Step Stool Help Blind Senior Enter and Exit an SUV Safely

Dear David,

I’m attaching the videos of my blind mom using your two step product. It works really well. Mom also has a week right knee & leg so when you see her stepping down to the side that’s ok. It’s what works for her.

Please feel free to use these to help others decide if this product is right for them.

Best Regards,

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How a Mechanic Uses a Step Stool to Work on Automotive Interiors

When working on automotive interiors it can be very uncomfortable to position your body to get to the work needing to be done. In this video we show you a simple solution for making under dash work or other automotive interior work more comfortable.

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The Safest Senior Step Stool in the World

How do you know when a step stool is safe for a senior to use? This video shows how the Senior Step Stool by Shure-Step was designed with the help of retirement community executive directors.

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Multiple Good Uses of the Senior Step Testimony

I saw a rectangular step stool in surgery last month that was only about 6 ” high and that was perfect because I cannot do steps. Even that step with the tall handrail is a struggle so I put safety step stool in and saw yours. Tried to call to talk but no one available at the time and I don’t believe I left a message. Knee problems are causing me continuous problems. If I ride with anyone in a truck…they have to pull alongside the curb. The same when I get out. Of course if I manage to get in a vehicle, half the time my clothes are “strangling” me because I have to scoot over and I have a hard time doing this.. My new mattress height is taller and I have a hard time getting in bed. I do not want to fall trying to get in bed so I went back yesterday and although I could not remember the name I put in step stool and no luck so changed to safety step stool and there you were.
I am so glad it is on the way and you can be sure all my friends will see it right beside my bed and in my hand on the way to the car. There is no embarrassment in taking care of yourself but real shame if pride gets in the way of safety.


Note from the editor:

Cheryl has touched upon 2 very good uses for the Senior Step, model SST.

The first use is to make getting in and out of your bed much easier.
The second is to help get in and out of a truck or SUV
The third that Cheryl didn’t mention is for after knee or hip surgery, to help with rehab.

David C. DuPont

This is an example of post surgery patient getting in an SUV easily with the aid of Senior Step Stool.
This is an example of post surgery patient getting in an SUV easily with the aid of Senior Step Stool.

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My Wife Has a Torn Meniscus on Each Knee…Testimony

Dear Mr. DuPont,

I heard about Shure-Step from another company offering your product in the Dallas area. I searched and found your company under key word Shure-Step . The picture of the the tourists getting on the bus was very helpful. My wife has a torn meniscus on each knee. Both were repaired a yr apart, healing and recovery have been slow because of diabetes. Her knees still hurt and she is recovering slowly. She needs an extra step to get into the car. Six inches is perfect as provided by your product. 24 inches and the width of 13 inches provide exactly what she needs to get in and out of the car.

Gilbert Flores

Note from the editor:

Thank you Gilbert, You may not know it, but your wife is exactly who we designed the Senior Step for. “A physically challenged person who just needs a little lift to get them into and out of cars, trucks and SUV’s”. And this step stool also has a very large surface to make it easy to turn around and set your butt on the seat, then grab one of the handles and swing your feet into the car.

David C. DuPont


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I Have a High Step to Get Into my House…Testimony

I googled “safety step for seniors”, and your site came up with some others. Your’s was the most expensive, but also the best!!!! Both my knees are bone on bone, and walking is painful. I have tried different shots, no help. Surgery is out, climbing steps is agony, and I have a high step to get into my house!!! I want this step to shorten the step I have to take just to get in my house! I’m hoping this will be the answer!!


Notes from the editor:

I hope it will be the answer too! Jane, like a lot of elderly, she needs a little boost stepping up to a high step or stairs. She has limited mobility and movement with her legs so she needs a step stool to make the entry into her home a little easier. The 6 inch high Senior Step by Shure-Step is very popular because it has a large top surface that is easy to navigate and see. Quite often the Senior Step is used in physical therapy after knee or hip replacement to help the patients become more mobile.

David C. DuPont

Senior Step Stool for Buses

This is the Senior Step Stool placed before the first step of a Bus. This way the height between could be cut into half making the passengers especially the Seniors to get into the bus safely. The same thing it could help Jane on the high step of her house.


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I Googled Step Stools for Seniors….Testimony

I’m Tony’s wife, (who did the research) and I googled step stools for seniors, and step stools. I saw your website right away and knew it was the right one because the way you actually showcased how the steps work for seniors getting into SUVs, buses, etc.

My Mother has great difficulty getting in/out of vehicles and regular step stools just don’t help. When I saw yours, it seemed to make lots of sense so, hopefully, it will aid us greatly getting her in and out.

Thank you and we look forward to receiving the step.

Marianne & Tony

Note from the editor:

Marianne & Tony mention trying “regular step stools” in their note, a more accurate description might be “flimsy step stools”. We’ve had more and more people come up to us at seminars & trade shows telling us about the problems with the flimsy step stools they bought at Home Depot or Wal-Mart. But because they work for a big corporation, the bean counters don’t see immediate value in a better, longer lasting product with a slightly bigger price tag. Even if safety is at stake. What a shame. Just like Marianne says: after you’ve used those flimsy step stools when you see the Shure-Steps, it makes a lot of sense.

David C. DuPont


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Finally . . . a Safe Step Stool for Hospitals and Healthcare

After surgery you’re in your hospital room by yourself. You need to go to the bathroom…really bad and you know trying to get into your hospital bed can be a challenge. You’re weak from surgery and a little dopey, so your bed presents a challenge…whether getting in or out.

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We Have Been Using a Metal Stool on Our Bus…Testimony

We have been using a metal stool on our bus, and our church members who take the bus aren’t getting any younger. I Googled for a step stool, and your product looked like it would fill the bill. I liked the size of the stool as well as the height for stepping from our bus’ last step. I will let you know what kind of feedback I get once we receive it and have had a chance to use it. I always appreciate a company that follows up to see how they can improve their product as well as their marketing.

Mike Waller
Office Manager

Note From the editor:

Mike works for a church where the members are having a harder time getting on the bus than they are used to. The Shure-Step model Senior Step (SST) was designed with 4 directors of assisted living centers and retirement homes. They told us exactly what they wanted for their residents, a safe, sturdy 6 inch high step that is easy to see. Oh and by the way, it needs to hold a lot of weight. Bam! Done!

There is no other step stool in the world designed by and for seniors getting on and off a bus the way the Senior Step is.

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Father with cancer….Testimony

I found your product on the internet. My father is older and has recently been diagnosed with cancer. He is quite weak and having trouble getting into my automobile. I was using a regular step stool but it was small and dangerous. Every step stool I found was not practical. I found your product by entering “ senior step stool “ into search engine hoping I could find a product that was geared to someone like my dad.


Editors Note:

Maria’s father is physically weak because his cancer has zapped his strength. Finding a safe step stool for him to use would seem fairly simple but as Maria eluded it is anything but easy to find a safe sturdy step that is lightweight yet large enough for a physically challenged elder to maneuver on. Maria found the Senior Step to be the step stool that best suited her dad’s needs because of the large top surface and the sturdy design of the rest of the step.

Senior Step for seniors and with health conditions.

Senior Step's large top surface with sand paper to prevent from slip.

David DuPont invented the Shure-Step. It is a stackable safety step rated at 500 pounds that has many uses; Seniors, bariatric patients, physical therapists, rehabilitation facilities, bus, train, aircraft and transportation drivers, warehouse workers, mechanics, and technicians, even children benefit from the stability and strength of the Shure-Step. Shure-Steps have a non-slip surface with height starting at 6 and 10 inches, and allows you to stack them to reach up to 16 to 22 inches high or more for a guaranteed safe reaching and stepping aid.

This video shows a senior citizen using a step stool to assist her getting into bed and up into a truck/SUV.

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